“Watches With Patina are simply the best. David is a true gentleman and an absolute pleasure to do business with, he is knowledgeable, responsive and friendly. I look forward to doing business with him again” -James, Illinois

“David makes you feel like he has known you for quite sometime already. It was a pleasure doing business with him.” -Eric, Philippines

“David was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Watch just arrived and it’s even more beautiful than the pictures (if you can believe that… David’s pics are second to none) Anyway, I recommend David whole heartedly and look forward to doing business with him again soon!” -Jeremy, California

“Just received my first watch from David and cannot be happier. I found David to be very knowledgeable, honest and helpful during the entire process with excellent communication. Being a relative novice at vintage watches, David was very patient answering many questions and happy to pass on his knowledge and experience. The timepiece is stunning. I highly recommend Watches with Patina. Thanks for my grail David!!!” -Matt, Dallas

“Searching the net for a specific diver lead me to watches with patina and there was the watch I was seeking. I contacted David for the first time and discovered he was a collector first and foremost and a seller as well - his knowledge is vast and he is easy to communicate with either via the net or phone - the watch arrived promptly and the transaction was flawless -David Kim is a man of his word and only deals in quality pieces - I have gained another friend with the passion for quality horology, thank you David.” -Thomas, Kansas

“I’d been following David over IG for quite some time and was impressed by the variety of watches he showed and commented. I was coming back from a nice tour through the alps in my old car, wanted to relax from the drive and went into IG to see as a first pic a stellar 145.022-68 in stunning condition, posted by David. I went to David’s WWP page and the write up was first class. I pinged him, he reacted immediately, gave me the time I needed to do my final homework, was available for a live call (I never buy a watch without getting to know the seller as personally as possible) and we had a great conversation and I bought the watch. Wire, delivery to my bother in the US, etc was top, felt totally effortless and David even stayed in touch with me during the 3 month wait I had until I could pick up the watch in the US. We’ve had fun conversations in the meantime and it feels for me like the beginning of a watch friendship. I never felt I was buying from a dealer but rather from a passionate collector who heavy heartedly was saying goodby to a treasure of his. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending David as a lovely guy, a true watchonist, and a completely trustworthy business man. Thanks again David and I do hope we meet live some day in the near future!”- Gabriel, aka tropic321

“I’m from Miami Beach, now living in Los Angeles, so there’s never been a shortage of vintage watch dealers to conduct business with in person. I’ve never really purchased a vintage watch online so was initially cautious about it. In corresponding with David, I really got the sense that he’s an honest dealer who cares as much about his clients as he does vintage watches. His prompt responses and constant communication all the way through the shipping process put me at ease and made me feel comfortable buying from him. This was my first purchase from him but I have a feeling it won’t be my last. Thanks again, David!” -Carolyn, Los Angelos

“I got in touch via IG, saw a watch I had on my wish list for a long time. Checked it out on the website, got in touch with David. Very happy about the communication. Wired transferred the money, watch was sent out right away and I am very glad to have it and show it on IG! Deal with confidence!” -MattS, France

“I was following David Instagram account for almost a year and always wanted to deal with him buying one of his beautiful watches! However since I live in Kuwait I was worried of how the shipping process will go or end up. Then finally I got in touch with him through the email and was very satisfied with his knowledge and proven experience in that regard, so I decided to buy one of his still available watches! So I wire transferred the money then he was updating me with every single detail of the shipping process until I got the watch and I’m really 100% satisfied with the whole experience. I will definitely deal with David again because simply he’s a very knowledgable and honest man that shares my passion for vintage watches!” - Hamad, Kuwait

“Being a vintage Tudor collector, it was a true pleasure dealing with David. You don’t often get dealers who are passionate collectors, David is. David’s depth of knowledge and attention to detail is astounding. You will read in other testimonials that It was like dealing with a friend, well you know what it was. A breath of fresh air in an ever competitive market and rest assured, I’ll be shopping here again. Why have I not dealt with him before now?? Thanks David.” -Paul, Scotland

“Dealing with David is like talking to a friend: with no added pressure, he is happy to talk about Watches with Patina, and what watches mean to him. At heart, he is a collector, meaning he personally curates the timepieces in his shop, and offers only the best examples with the best patina. His communication is also excellent: he promptly responds to inquires and is accommodating of customer requests. As an example, I asked David for a caseback picture of the watch I was considering (and eventually bought), and he was more than willing to send me a few pictures. He told me that, if those weren’t good enough, he would be happy to take additional photos. So what am I getting at here? Buy from David and Watches with Patina with confidence. I’ve had my watch for three months now and couldn’t be more satisfied. It’s hands down the best example I’ve seen of this particular reference, and I don’t expect that I’ll find a comparable piece any time soon.” -Adam, Indiana

“I’ve purchased numerous watches from Watches With Patina and found David to be incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and professional. It’s obvious to me that his curated offerings are very, very carefully selected. Watches With Patina is a rarity in today’s marketplace. With an owner/operator that is a collector at heart he has vast resources and is happy to share his passion with “us” -Nathaniel, Wisconsin

“David Kim is a very knowledgeable on vintage timepieces, in fact, an expert who’s specifically loves old diver’s watches and has quite a selection for sale. David is foremost a collector and thus his passion for finding the best quality. He can point out minute details even seasoned collectors like myself can miss. He is the “go to guy” for me. -Ron, USA

“Awesome experience and service 2nd to none. After looking for my particular watch for some time I finally found WWP on instagram and jumped at the opportunity to purchase the reference I had been looking for. David honoured his decision to hold the watch in my name for several days and on receiving the funds David spent no time in getting the watch to my front door. Really impressed with the how the watch was shipped and will not hesitate to buy my next vintage piece from WWP. Cheers @sheldinkee, Australia

“David Kim and I first met approximately 4 years ago for breakfast as a couple of vintage watch collectors. I was impressed with his collection and knowledge – but primarily impressed by the quality of person he is. We stayed in touch and I was excited when he began sharing plans for a vintage watch business. I knew David would be successful if he could expand his network, inventory and exposure. I also knew he already had the most important traits – honesty, integrity and someone you can trust. You can wire money to David and sleep easy the night before your watch arrives! We did a recent deal on a beautiful vintage diver and I hope we can do more. Please contact me bluemartinifan@icloud.com if you have questions about dealing with David. ~Russ, Texas

“To Prospective Watch Buyers: I have known David Kim for many years. Our friendship began on the watch forums where it was quickly apparent that David was enthusiastic about vintage watches. Because vintage watch collecting can be a minefield, David’s participation on the forums and his sincere willingness to help young collectors was a welcome addition. In addition to his possessing an expert level of knowledge, it soon became clear that he had a great eye for beautiful watches, as well. Last year David told me he was going to start Watches With Patina and become a vintage watch dealer. I told him I was excited for him and for the hobby. David’s passion and enthusiasm for vintage watch collecting run deep. His honest and thoughtful approach to buying and selling watches as well as attention to detail are qualities that every prospective client will value. Going beyond the sale to mentor and advise clients is a trait rarely seen today. I know David Kim personally, have bought watches from him, and recommend him WITHOUT reservation. Warmest Regards, John B. Field Jr. Aka Beaumont Miller II on the forums”