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My name is David M. Kim, owner and operator of Watches with Patina (WWP). My path to founding WWP stemmed from my many years as a passionate collector. To this day I remain a collector at heart with a strong affinity for vintage timepieces, the stories they tell and most importantly the relationships they form. It is these relationships that I have come to appreciate the most and I am honored to be part of such an amazing community and to be able to provide a service for them has been my great joy. Watches to me are more than just a way to tell time. There is something inherently attractive about a vintage watch aesthetically, historically and mechanically.

Vintage watches continue to fascinate me, and I have acquainted myself with many different brands and references. In such a specialized field, the constant acquisition of knowledge is essential in keeping up-to-date with an ever-changing watch market. I have also built relationships with an extensive network of dealers, collectors and watchmakers that have allowed me to access some of the most collectible vintage watches from all over the world. I am currently an IWJG member in good standing, a member of the WWT, a supporter and business member of the NAWCC and an active participant on watch forums and social media outlets.

Vintage watch aficionados are a small and unique breed and if you’re visiting this site I hope you appreciate these watches in the same way I do. Long live vintage! I appreciate your time and I look forward to earning your business and developing a friendship.

Best, -David M. Kim