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Patina/pa·ti·na/noun: a surface appearance of something grown beautiful especially with age or use.

Thank you for visiting Watches with Patina! This site is a place for all watch lovers with a special focus on high quality vintage timepieces. As the name states, patina is our passion! The name Watches with Patina is composed with two things in mind: watch history and patina. These features are exclusive to vintage and cannot be replicated by modern offerings. The pieces that are offered on this site are watches I have personally curated. My hope is that each unique watch evokes the same emotions in you as it does in me. Whether you’ve been collecting for years or this is your first foray into vintage, I hope to provide for you the same joy and excitement that I have experienced from collecting vintage watches.

~David Kim, Founder and Operator

Social Media: @watcheswithpatina